Division of Studies

Division of Studies

The Division of Studies supports the establishment, operation and reform of the undergraduate and postgraduate (curricula) programs of study, as well as of the PhD programs, the requirements of the law (in terms of program structure, foreign language teaching, correct use of ECTS, etc.). In addition, the Secretariat of the Departments is addressed to this Division when clarification is needed on the institutional framework or there is a question to the Ministry of Education. Finally, the Department of Studies intervenes in disagreements between students and faculty, mainly on issues of grades, but also on other subjects of study that arise in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The Department of Studies and Student Welfare supports the educational work of the Schools and Departments as well as the student welfare, coordinating issues of common interest. It is the point of reference for external factors when addressed to the Foundation for Studies and Student Affairs. In addition, it provides its services that support the professional setting of the graduates of the University.





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